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About CWB Fire Safety 

CWB Fire Safety Consultants was established by Phil Barry in 2006.

Phil spent 30 years as a fire officer with local authority fire and rescue services. His Fire service career started in London fire brigade before moving to Gwent, South Wales and Avon. Phil was recognised as a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers in 1994 and is on the register of approved fire risk assessors maintained by the Institution of Fire Engineers.

During his fire service career he served three secondments totalling over 10 years as an instructor in the fire safety department at the Fire Service College in Gloucestershire. He specialises in fire safety legislation, building regulations and fire risk assessment and has been awarded with a degree in Building Fire Studies.

Phil has developed and delivered fire safety training as an associate tutor for The Fire Protection Association and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. His son Jack joined the team in 2010 and have successfully completed approved courses in fire risk assessment, passive fire protection and fire door inspections.

All of our team a qualified fire door assessors with a diploma in fire door inspections. Since 2006 we have carried out fire risk assessments for many satisfied clients and offer a professional consultancy service where we are frequently required to resolve fire safety problems through liaison with the enforcing authorities.

We have worked in Europe and the Middle East providing training and fire safety advice to a diverse range of clients