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What Fire Safety Requirements Apply

As an employer, landlord or responsible person of premises you have certain legal responsibilities regarding fire safety to relevant persons. These may be your employees, customers, tenants or visitors.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 imposes a duty on you to carry out a fire risk assessment.

Fire Safety Checklist

The legislation applies to you if you are;

  • Responsible for a business premises, block of flats or a house of multiple occupation.
  • Licensed property.
  • An employer.
  • Charity or voluntary organisation.
  • Contractor with control over a premise.

My Legal Resposabilities

While there is no legal requirement to appoint a fire safety specialist. You may be able to assess your own premises using guidance documents that have been produced by the government department to assist you.

There is however a legal requirement for the fire risk assessment to be “suitable and sufficient”. For many premises this may require the assistance of a competent fire risk assessor. 

If you do appoint a specialist to assist you we recommend that you check that they are appropriately qualified and on approved register of fire risk assessors.

CWB Fire Safety Consultants Ltd. was established by Phil Barry B.Sc.M.I.Fire.E.DipFDin 2006 and Phil is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers. We are on their approved register of fire risk assessors at www.ife.org.uk.

We have carried out fire risk assessments for many satisfied clients. Our systems of work have been scrutinised by enforcing authorities and meet statutory requirements.

All our team have relevant qualifications and experience to demonstrate competence in their field. Our senior consultants have relevant fire safety degrees.

We offer a reliable professional consultancy service, contact us for free impartial advice.

Institution of Fire Engineers - Fire Safety